Meet the sunshine girls

sunshine girls

They all look a little bit the same, but they aren’t. Every one is unique:They have different haircolours and hairstyles, different skirts and tops. I made 9 of them, but there is one doll who didn’t want to go on the picture. I accidently
cut in her nose
. So she was a bit embarrassed. But the other sunshine-girls insisted that she’d go on the picture with them. That’s why she’s on the side. Don’t tell my daughter, she didn’t even notice and she adopted very happily this doll and gave her the name Carolina.

These dolls love sunbathing, they wear little knickers, made of the same fabric as their skirts. They have movable legs with a hidden button. I learned this technique at mimi kirchners blog. Here’s were you can read this great tutorial!

You can see all 8 dolls at flickr! And 6 of them will soon be are for sale at my etsy-shop, but i have to figure out how that works.

There is some more news: Meko, the african doll, arrived at his new home. Baby Egon seemed very happy with his new friend! (ok, the doll is lying in the gutter right there, but hey, when you’re a ten-month-old, it’s far more interesting to eat leaves from the floor than playing with a softie!)

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