big projects


I’ve been very busy with felt this week, there is a big project coming up. It includes paintings of the children and handsewing with felt. But you must be a little more patient…so have been my children. While busy sewing, I had no ‘time’ left for playing with them, but teaching them how to sew, oh yes, that I loved to do: My girl sewed this pink heart: is this sweet or what?

finished chair

Another project that I finished this week is my green chair. It doesn’t need much words, you can see the different steps on the pictures.

2 gedachtes over “big projects

  1. Molly Jean Henson zegt:

    It looks like a wonderful chair!
    I love what you are doing, sewing and mothering! My children, including the boys wanted to sew too. I find that many of the 3rd through 6th graders that I teach have had no sewing experience. Threading a needle and tying a knot is a new skill to them. Some pretend to be disinterested but most enjoy it after we get started.


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