all sweet things


oh sweetness! My sister’s dog got 6 little puppy’s! They are 5 days old on these photo’s. Mammie is a white dog, daddy is a black dog who lives in France, yes, that’s where she got pregnant: it was her first holiday, her first boyfriend!

And last week we found this in the garden, actually it was our dog who found it. We saved both animals by letting the dog sleep inside the house: so our dog wouldn’t get injured and the hedgehog could continue his walk in our garden.

And finally this sweetness: a little blue rat from raggyrat This sweetheart is searching for his friends, 2 little mice…They came all 3 together in a beautiful wrapping paper, all the way from the U.K. Raggyrat and I did a swap: I made two dolls for her twins and she send me this rat and 2 mice. But those 2 mice already got lost… the kids were so fond of them, they played days and days with them. And when I wanted to do a photo-shoot with them for posting here, I couldn’t find them anywhere…and I’m still searching…perhaps they’ve hidden themselves in this old flowerpot?…

3 gedachtes over “all sweet things

  1. anonymous zegt:

    oh lovely picture, what a shame your children have stashed away your mice, well it is super that they fell in love with them too, i love the rat with the plant pot pics and the tiny puppy awwww
    lots of cute things indeed
    you are a super-swapper hilde, dear XXXX


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