dress without cat

I finally found some time for making photo’s of the girl with her new dress, although she wasn’t so happy with that. She was happy with her new dress, oh yes, but I wasn’t suppose to put her on the ground. She got mad, throwing herself on the floor, making faces…but I did got some shots!

girl with dress

The pattern is from ‘Knippiebaby, winter 2007′. I started last weekend, wanted to finish it quickly (like I always do). My girl is almost 15 months old, so made the dress in size ’18 months’. But I always think that my girl is short for her age and when it was nearly finished (the girl was sleeping, so I couldn’t try it on), I thought: “that’s too long, I just cut it shorter”. So I did. And I did it at random. And I cut too much…the dress was too short!! I had to add an extra band…sigh…

The shirt she is wearing under her dress is made from a pattern from the same ‘knippiebaby’. But it was only described until size ‘6 months’. So I made it a little wider and a little longer (at random of course, I don’t like measuring), and…it fits perfect!!

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