New backpack for Inez. I made it from 3 layers of fabric to give it some
added strength and rigidity. The inside is made of some kind of a plastic
fabric, just in case her bottle with fruit juice leaks. The outside is made of pieces of old
curtaining. I guess white is not the perfect colour for a three-year-old, so
perhaps I’d better spray it with some shoespray to make it dust- and

2 gedachtes over “Backpack

  1. Kuky zegt:

    Looks nice! I’ve been debating on making a backpack, a fake backpack. Something soft and comfortable that Isabelle can wear in case she doesn’t want to take it off for hours and hours on end.


  2. hilde zegt:

    That sounds like a fun idea, although it is more fun when she actually can put something IN her packpack. I know my girls are fond of everything that can carry something: backpacks, purses, boxes, plastic bags…name it, they love it!


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