Mischievous pink horse

That sneaky merrylegs pink horse, she definitely feels at home right now!
She wanted to read a book and therefore she needed glasses. I told her I didn’t have glasses for horses, and guess what she did? She just snatched them away from my little daughter, who was a bit upset by this mischievous action. But suddenly the pink horse realized that she couldn’t read at all…, so she returned the glasses to my daughter and I ended up reading a story to both of them. Happy ending!

3 gedachtes over “Mischievous pink horse

  1. Katy zegt:

    I just knew she’d be trouble – tell her you’ll send her back to me if she’s not careful. She’ll soon change her ways!!!!

    I laughed so much at your little tale – it looks like she’s having a great time with you all 🙂


  2. Rowan zegt:

    Hello hello

    Wow, I love your sunshine ladies! Was very excited to read about merrylegs adventures, as one will be winging it’s way to the clang clang house soon – I suspect mischief to come!

    Rowan x


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