Soft CD

soft cd

Another worst Christmas gift for the Holiday Softie Awards…This time it’s not a gift I received, but
something I gave as a present last Christmas. I thought a CD with ‘Happy
Christmas Songs’ would be a great gift for my children, who love to listen
and dance to music, and sing along with it. Unfortunately they loved the CD
so much that we were still listening to Christmas songs in July. We hoped
the CD would get lost, that it would get scratched (as always happens to our
favourite CD’s), we wanted to use it as a frisbee…
This soft cd is the perfect toy: it doesn’t make any noise, you can put your
finger in it, you can put it on your tummy or your head, or you can use it
as a hat..

2 gedachtes over “Soft CD

  1. Katy zegt:

    That does sound like the perfect christmas music CD!!! I also got one for Grace a few years ago, and she would still be playing it in the summer too (sadly it got ‘lost’!).

    My poor cat had to sleep upsatirs on our bed last night, away from the kittens. He is so scared of them! (he is also scared of spiders, so not much of a mouser!) This morning one of the kittens has decided it’s fun to launch himself at my head whilst I sit at the computer. He keeps falling onto the floor and running off, then trying again 2 minutes later!


  2. hilde zegt:

    Haha, kittens are so funny! And well, spiders, that’s the only thing my cat is not afraid of, she likes to chase and eat them (lucky me, because I am the one who is afraid of spiders)!


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