A new mermaid and a baby

mermaid and doll

The mermaid is for Rowan from clang-clang,we are doing a swap, and so she will soon be shipped to the U.K. She is a bit different from my first mermaid, because I never made a real pattern. I cut the fabric without any template… I hope you don’t mind this mermaid has no uneven head, Rowan?
The baby is for friends of us who are soon having their first baby. A year ago, I made them 2 dolls of the wee-wonderful-make-a-long (you can find this pattern here). And this baby is an own ‘pattern’ (ha, ok, no applause, she has no arms nor legs, she consists only of a body and a head), but nevertheless I think she is a wee bit cute: she had a little pocket where you can put something in (for example a pacifier)…

4 gedachtes over “A new mermaid and a baby

  1. Rowan zegt:

    She is here she is here! And so beautiful! My digital camera is being disagreeable, otherwise there would be photos galore of her swimming across my kitchen table. Rabbit en route – hope you love him too x


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