Hooray for the girl with the Itchy Dress!

I could never have imagined this, but…my doll with the itchy dress made it to the top 5 in the category ‘worst christmas gift’ of the Holiday Softie Awards!!!!! You can vote for her if you click on HERE! and go to the ‘voting site’!

Mijn pop met ‘The Itchy Dress’ is bij de genomineerden in de categorie ‘Worst Gift I ever got (=Slechtste kado ooit gekregen)’ in de wedstrijd ‘Holiday Softie Awards’. Stem voor haar! Je kan het doen door HIER te klikken en door te klikken naar de ‘voting site’.

5 gedachtes over “Hooray for the girl with the Itchy Dress!

  1. Katy zegt:

    Hi Hilde, my craft fair yesterday was a bit of a waste of time (well, that’s a bit unfair, but I didn’t take as much money as I had hoped). I did make a lot of extra stock, and made sure I had a lot of little cheap things like stocking fillers and tree decorations and the like to boost my takings. The 2 fairs I have done so far I sold a lot of the little things (those bibs and vests I told you about, they sell well and are easy to make and cheap). Good luck with yours, and I hope that helps!!!!


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