Thank you!

Huge thank you for all those who voted for the itchy dress! She didn’t win a price, but it was so fun to take part in the Softie Awards!

Here’s something I should have posted 2 weeks ago: The dragon-capes for my birthdaygirl:

dragon capes

These are the last costumes I had to make as a present for the children’s classes. My little daughter, who was born on the front seat of the car, turned 3! She’s already three years old!!!

2 gedachtes over “Thank you!

  1. Katy zegt:

    someone looks like she’s going to eat all of that cake in one big gulp!!! Happy birthday little girl, I hope you had a good day!
    Yesterday I saw a mermaid that had swum across the sea, up the river, down a canal and ended up in Clang-Clang’s house – she is beautiful, I liked her orange hair in particular!


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