Creative children

Children have much in common with photocopiers. They copy everything you do. They don’t bother about the mess all around the house, they prefer to be creative. They see me busy with my sewing machine, my digital camera and camcorder, and must be thinking that’s the way to live:

rabbit made by my son

Look at this sweet frisky rabbit made by my son! He designed, sewed, stuffed, embroidered this rabbit all by himself (with only a few tips from mommy)! Isn’t it gorgeous?? I love this so much, the fact that he wants to create something and ends up with this lovely result. He is so proud of himself, and so am I of course!

Here is my daugher, only 5 years old, sewing beads on a felt heart. She wants to make a little blanket for her dolls. She does exactly like me, sewing and watching TV at the same time…

camera made by Mattijs
And here is little sister the moviestar. My son wasn’t allowed to use my filmcamera, so he made one of his own out of cardboard, complete with cables to connect it to his (paper) pc in his room.

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