Filip & Matilde

A new member has joined our family: a goat. My husband saved her life by taking her home. She has a broken leg and her previous owners can’t take care of her anymore. We’ve put her in a little cage, where she can rest until her leg is healed – exactly the same cage in which lives our French chicken too.
We brought that one home from our vacation in France last summer, and because she’s a bit afraid of the other chickens, we’ve put her in separate cage where she’s safe from the others. Look at their colours, they fit together!
But Matilde (the children gave her that name ;)) won’t stay in there for long. Once her leg is healed and she has regained her strength, we’ll let her live together with Filip. He was the present my husband gave me when we got engaged 8 years ago! Filip hasn’t seen his girlfriend yet, but he surely smelled her already:

More pictures here.

5 gedachtes over “Filip & Matilde

  1. Katy zegt:

    Hilde – I am so jealous. I badly, badly want a goat or two and a whole heap of hens, but our garden is too small 😦
    I used to have hens, when I was a child – we had 3 hens and a cockerel, all hatched by my brother at school (his teacher was unconventional, it was a project for the whole class) and adopted by us (not many people wanted the chicks – small gardens and living in the town I suppose). Most were eaten by Mr Fox quite early on, within a few years, but a big black hen called Flapper lived until she was about 10, I had left home and had finished university by the time Mr Fox finally caught up with her too. So sad. She was a fantastic hen, you called her and she’d come running, jump up onto your lap and sit there as long as you tickled her under her wings. Crazy bird!


  2. hilde zegt:

    Hi Katy, I can proudly say, we have a lot of animals at home: 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 parakeets, 8 hens (of which one the little french) with 1 rooster, 2 goats now, 1 horse and 1 pony (and my husband has 60 sheep) I am so happy we have lots of space for all these animals and someone who can take good care of them: my husband is a veterinarian 😉
    There is no mr Fox around here, but we have had a few little chicks hatched, but I guess they have been eaten by rats or something, because everytime there were was no single chick left after a few days…I’m so sorry for your hen Flapper, that’s a sad story!


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