Happy Birthday Kaat!

Finally I can tell you what I’ve been up to this month. Today is my niece’s birthday (she’s 2 now) and I made her 6 huge ‘play cushions’.

They measure 90x90x10 cm and they have 2 bow tie ribbons at either side. I made those same cushions for my son 4 years ago. Since then hardly a day has ever gone by when they don’t play with it. It’s the best ‘toy’ I could give them. You can make a house, a castle or a wall, an airplane or even a submarine out of it, whatever your imagination tells you to! Besides, this way we always have 3 spare beds in case someone wants to stay over.

Can you imagine I didn’t even had to buy new fabric to make these… I used 15 meters of fabric!! I assure you, my fabric stock has shrinked a lot! All these fabrics were actually meant to be trousers, skirts or dresses for my children. But apparently they never turned into that, and so it was a pleasure to dive into my stash of fabric and find the right colours with the right dimensions.

Making 6 of them wasn’t enough though. The ones I made for my son were so worn-out that the fabric was thorn apart. I had to make 2 more and (sigh, poor me!) I had to buy new fabric for those at Ikea.

And now everybody is happy, especially me, because actually I don’t like this kind of sewing: it is too boring, there are too many corners, too many buttonholes, and it takes waaayyy to long to finish it (ask my husband!).

And so Happy Birthday Kaat! I hope you enjoy your play cushions and that they lead to lots of imagination and wild playing, and lots of sleepovers of your nephew and nieces (Ha, there had to be some kind of an advantage in there for me too ;))

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