Dressed like a doll

I finished a dress for my eldest daughter. I hope it’s the right size, because I am a master in choosing wrong sizes. I always over- or underestimate the size of my children. Or perhaps I should measure before sewing… Anyway, I’m sure she’ll like it because it the same dress as her doll. I had to combine lots of fabrics to have enough for this dress. And when you turn it inside out you have a green dress.

6 gedachtes over “Dressed like a doll

  1. Donna zegt:

    What a lovely combination of fabric! And the little doll is so cute.

    I always seem to make clothes far too big–mostly because I’m afraid I’ll put all that work into something they can’t even wear. I made pants for my older daughter and every single pair was about six inches too long.


  2. Katy zegt:

    I love the dress – and it’s good to see high heeled lady doll again, I’ve missed her!

    At least if it’s too big she can grow into it, and if it’s too small there are sisters waiting to grow bigger!


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