Funny Bunny

My package arrived today: There was a lovely Easter card in it and a sweet sweet funny bunny! It has long soft ears, and a pocket on its tummy to hide secrets in it! I looove the fabric and its tail is soo sweet! Thank you very much Lucy, You are a great swap-partner!!

3 gedachtes over “Funny Bunny

  1. Lucy Locket-Pocket zegt:

    I’m so pleased he has arrived! How fab that we both got our parcels on the same day! I hope you don’t mind that I turned your bunny into a hybrid “Bumble-Bee-Bunny” – You could always call him “Honey-Bunny” but that probably doesn’t translate well out of the English!

    Have a lovely Easter and thank you for my super dizzy bunny! I love him!

    Lucy xxx


  2. Katy zegt:

    I saw your bunny on flickr – he’s a handsome fellow!!!

    Now I think I’ll go to Lucy’s blog and see what she has to say about him (I think she’ll be really pleased, I know I would be!)


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