New doll design

I had so much fun designing this new doll. It’s another custom order for ‘de koekjesfee’ (ahum how should I translate this: ‘gingerbread fairy’ perhaps?). I met her through flickr, she makes the most wonderfull cakes and it looks all so yum-yum!!

This doll is only the first attempt in making a ‘koekjesfee’. I used Karens avator for designing this longlegged doll. But the final doll needs different hair, a higher pointed hat and I forgot the wings on this one. Oh – and her magic staff is very improvisatorial, it’s a felt star pinned on a needle. Definitely not suitable for a toy. I’m thinking about how to make a safe staff, Karen!

7 gedachtes over “New doll design

  1. raggyrat zegt:

    she is pretty, hope you finnish her soon and show us,
    yes the purple bunny ribbon was a blessing from you – i also recognise this lovely cake fabric, whici i also love, and have never seen in britain

    cat xxxx


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