Where are you going?

Hi there! You seem to be a sweet doll. Where are you from?

– I’m going to move to the Netherlands. There is a sweet Dutch girl who wants to play with me over there. And you?
– I’m moving to Norway. There is a nice lady there who wants to take care of me, and I can take my sheep along, because I’ve heard she raises sheep.

-And you? Aren’t you going somewhere?
-Oh yes, I do. I’m going to a very little babyboy! He is so small that I have to take care of him instead of the other way around. Therefore I am taking a little nap.

-Good idea, it’s not very comfortable travelling in a cardboard envelop, I’ll better stretch my legs too!

I have no time to take a nap, my sheep are running off. I must follow them! Bye bye! Have a nice trip!!!

5 gedachtes over “Where are you going?

  1. Katy zegt:

    I love those pictures – they all look like they are having fun in the grass with the daisies. Lucky, lucky swap people…one day I hope to have a tantehilde swap too 😉


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