Here’s my new bag!

Look at this beautiful bag and it is mine!! I received it on friday, but I forgot to open the postbox!! How could I forget to open the postbox, when you know that Kristel from vlijtig.blogspot and I send our swap-goodies to each-other earlier this week. Well, that’s just because I didn’t think it would arrive so soon, and because I never open the postbox. That’s my husbands task.
But he’s gone for the weekend to visit a friend in France. Of course we miss him, but at the same time it’s fun to have the kids all for myself, and do fun things together (going to the indoor-playground, eating fastfood, watching a new dvd from the library,..). We had a great, but exhausting weekend.

But look closely at this beautiful bag. The vintage tapestry was made after a painting of the famous dutch painter Vermeer. There is small label with the original painting attached, and the label ‘vlijtig’ is sewn between the seam.

And look now at its contents: two original ‘vlijtig’ postcards, some ‘dutch’ rub-ons, a very small spirograph, and then a little surprise: she made me an eraser stamp with a doll and my name on it! How awesome is that! I remember this post where I told her I couldn’t believe how beautiful these stamps were! And now she made me my own stamp! I’m gonna stamp all day long in every book I own, I won’t write my name anymore, I’m gonna stamp my name, I’m gonna stamp on fabric and make my very own ‘hilde’-fabric!!! Thank you very much Kristel! You’re a doll!! I think the next weekend I’ll leave the children with my husband. I’m gonna take a trip to the Netherlands, to Kristel , she has to teach me how to make eraser stamps 😉

2 gedachtes over “Here’s my new bag!

  1. Elly zegt:

    Via Mama Lieveheersbeestje ben ik op jouw blog terecht gekomen en ik heb vol bewondering alles bekeken. Wat maak jij een prachige poppen. Ik wil ook al héél lang zelf poppen maken, maar lijk de stap maar niet te kunnen nemen. Bovendien ben ik niet zo’n held op de naaimachine. Maar nogmaals m’n complimenten voor al je werk!


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