Baby number 5

Yep, that’s me with my 3 months pregnant belly trying to take a little nap in the hammock.
As you can see, that is slightly impossible: this is why:

And this is what’s inside my belly..

16 gedachtes over “Baby number 5

  1. Linda Lu zegt:

    #5??? you are a brave woman. How do you have time to do everything? It is my goal to figure out how to balance things with my new 2nd child, any tips?
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Happy to meet you. I love your dolls and your blog. I’ll visit again.


  2. Karoeza zegt:

    Wouw, gefeliciteerd met nummer 5!
    Hoe doe je het, ik vind het soms al een zoektocht
    met een klein peutertje, haha.
    Ik hoop dat je voldoende rust krijgt,

    Groetjes Karin (karoeza, hier gekomen via flickr)


  3. Minke zegt:

    Gefeliciteerd met de aankomende komst van baby nr. 5!! Geniet lekker van je zwangerschap, ik hoop dat je je nodige rust krijgt.

    Groetjes van Minke


  4. raggyrat zegt:

    awww, i finally have time for some blog reading, and i see your happy anouncement here, i love the pics, esp the cute bump, wow they do pop out faster each time … i shall try not to be jealous now my belly is empty, for my arms are very full these days …

    i love the pics of your children being children, wanting dolls, being demanding, and still cute !

    congratulations and love from far away friend
    cat xxxx


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