Maternity skirts and the winner

It has been very summery and hot outside last week, and I didn’t have any comfortable maternity skirt to wear (sigh, after 4 pregnancies, can you believe it?). I only found a blue skirt with elastic waist size 52! (even being pregnant, size 52 is toooo big for me).

But why not make one for myself. I found this tutorial and I couldn’t stop sewing maternity skirts! I made three of them. And now I can’t choose which one to wear…

Oh yes, and the give-away, I almost forgot (haha). The right answer was indeed : the top front of the dress is inside out, oops. I wrote all the names of those who left a comment on a little card and picked one name (you have to believe me, but I didn’t make a picture): and the winner is: Maureen ! Congratulations Maureen, I’ll email you!

6 gedachtes over “Maternity skirts and the winner

  1. maya zegt:

    These are beautiful skirts…I’ve bookmarked the tutorial so I can make them for friends. I love the fabric you chose…great shot on the clothesline with that lovely sky. You’re one gorgeous mama!


  2. mama lieveheersbeestje zegt:

    Je ziet er hartstikke hip uit zo hoor! Ik had ook altijd zo’n moeite met zwangerschaps kleding te vinden in ons kleine stadje.. (dat was nog vóór dat we een computer hadden..). En ik zag er met 4 maanden al zo dik uit dat de kaasboer bezorgd vroeg of de baby elk moment kon komen. Tsja.. dit was nog maar bij de tweede, kun je nagaan hoe dik ik was bij de vierde haha!
    Sterkte met het ‘zwangeren’!


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