A house under the table

An advantage of making dolls is that you don’t need much fabric. But at the same time it is a disadvantage! Because if you like to sew it means automatically that you like to buy fabric. And if you like to buy fabric, it means that you have piles, boxes and cupboards full of fabric.
Sometimes I feel this urgent need to use A LOT of fabric at the same time, just to get rid of the stock. This weekend, I had one of those days.

I remembered how me made tents under the table when we were kids, with all kinds of blankets and cushions. Why not make a permanent cover for our table of 100 X 240cm?

Atelier Versace? Yes, I guess it must have been an expensive fabric, but I didn’t have any other ideas for it than making a tent. This is the ‘boys-entrance’ with indians on it and the girls-entrance is with a flower fabric. There are little ribbons to tie the door open and it’s all cosy and fun.

But there can only be one boy the eldest, and therefore the chief. The girls had to buy tickets for entering the tent, and soon the fun was over.
This pile of fabric is again in my stock, although there are no more raw edges.

I guess making tents with blankets and pillows is more fun than a prefab tent…

8 gedachtes over “A house under the table

  1. maya zegt:

    You know how much I enjoy checking in here…well, I just gave you an award because I wanted to share you with others! You can check over at my blog for details! Have a sweet day, my friend! 🙂


  2. mama lieveheersbeestje zegt:

    Ja, zo’n tentje heb ik in 1995 gemaakt! We hebben hem nog wel ergens op de zolder liggen, maar omdat we nu een veel grotere tafel hebben, past hij niet meer.. Ik had er een raam op geapliceerd dat open en dicht kon en aan de andere kant een grote kat.. Morgen ga ik de zolder eens op om te zoeken..


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