A girl and a boy

Girl-doll for a little girl named Mare, it’s an order I got a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have the time to finish her. The girl has 2 big brothers and therefore the doll had to be something very girlish. Is she girlish enough with her long eyelashes and puffed sleeves?

This boydoll is for a little baby Gilles. They wanted a tough boydoll, so I gave him a (fake) crocodile trousers and a big belt. The mother is an interior designer, the fabric with little houses was the best match I could find. The label with his name ‘Gilles’ comes from the birth announcement. I ripped it off the white card and sewed it on his belt. Is he tough, but still sweet enough for a little newborn baby?

There are lots of new things coming up on this blog. I’m working on a new doll-design, a bit smaller, and simpler. More of that in a few weeks.

And there will be another ‘grand changement’ in a few weeks. Another design for this blog, and I’m thinking about writing in Dutch in stead of English (to make things easier for myself..).
So come back soon!

9 gedachtes over “A girl and a boy

  1. rosey zegt:

    dont change now i have just found you! what a great blog and such talent. i dream of being able to create such original pieces. if i had one spare second to myself i might just be able to let the creative juices flow… aahhh the call of the wild, three children in a bathtub and me on the computer do not mix. better go and save someone (or perhaps not! he he he) by the way both dolls are to die for their new owners will be more than happy!!

    mmwah rosey


  2. maya zegt:

    I certainly don’t want to not be able to read your posts, but by all means…write in Dutch if that’s easier. You certainly have enough going on in your life that you don’t need a regular translation job! I think your creations speak for themselves and if I have questions, I will ask in the comments. You do seem to have a few new readers that would be disappointed…maybe you can do an English post here and there. I love your girly-girl and tough boy. So happy to see your dolls again…I adore them so!


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