Only girls

I made a dollsling for both girl. The pattern is from an old ‘Knippie Idee’ (Spring 2005). Very quick and easy, I made two in one evening. The girls are very happy to carry their babies around. But of course there other ways to take your child with you too.

We enjoyed the last days of august:

8 gedachtes over “Only girls

  1. katy zegt:

    How much longer do you have before the new baby? You just look like you’ve eaten a big meal – are you sure there’s a baby in there?
    The children all look beautiful – you lucky lady!


  2. mayaluna zegt:

    You look like you all enjoy each other so much! I made a sling for my daughter last spring…this looks like a great little pattern. She also preferred other ways of toting her babe!

    great drum set:)


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