Colours of Autumn

I made some outfits for the baby. It looks like I’m going to have twins. I sewed two little trousers and two little t-shirts because I didn’t know which colour to choose. I thought making two sets would go as fast as one set. But those press-buttons – aargh – it always takes me ages to get those at the right position. I even added a little piece of fabric for extra strength so the fabric won’t tear apart when opening the buttons.

A few weeks ago, I knitted a bobble texture hat. I found it at Ravelry. I knitted it first in the softest baby yarn out of my stash. But I didn’t like the colour. I prefered the yellow bobbled hat Merguerite made. I found that lovely mustard yellow yarn. The longies can also be found at Ravelry.

gele muts

Who said I hadn’t been busy for the baby?

12 gedachtes over “Colours of Autumn

  1. karliener zegt:

    hoe heb je mij gevonden?
    ik geef toe, ik volg het hier ook wel, en elke keer opnieuw wilde ik dat mijn mama ook zo’n hippe kleren voor mij maakte.
    maak jij ook van die zalige t-shirts waar je zo je duimen kan inhaken en da’s dan lekker warm? (hoop hoop smeek smeek)
    (jij kan precies ook veeeeeeeel beter werken met dat wordpressding dan ik)


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