1 week

We are home now, and my littlest son is already one week old today. He’s born on december 12th, one week after his due date. It all started at 7a.m. with ‘gentle’ contractions every 10 minutes. One hour and 15minutes later we were already in the hospital. At 8.45a.m., after 3 major contractions he was there: a healthy and beautiful son!

He is such a sweet and gentle baby. He’s beautifull and soft and he has that wonderfull babysmell. He sleeps, he eats (every two hours!), he grows…

His brother and sisters, his father and me, our family, friends and neighbours, everybody has been impatiently waiting for his arrival. And now he’s born, everybody loves him right from the beginning. I have no words to describe the love we feel for him.

You can always go to his own website to see more pictures. I’ll try to upload new pictures every now and then.

greetings from a very tired but very happy mommy!

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9 gedachtes over “1 week

  1. Hilde L. zegt:

    Van harte proficiat met de geboorte van Winand: een mooie naam voor een heel mooi kindje! Jullie gezinnetje straalt zoveel liefde en warmte uit en jouw blog is echt hartverwarmend, Hilde! Ook daarvoor een dikke proficiat!
    Veel geluk voor jullie allemaal en een fijne kerstvakantie!


  2. i cant sew zegt:

    congrats, i go away for a week and you have your baby! he is absolutely gorgeous. hope you are feeling well, it is amazing how much love you can have for another human being and repeat this love over and over as many times as needed. merry christmas xxrosey


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