– Sewing: a little felt goat

Download the pattern via this link!

what you need

What you need is:
°felt (15x20cm),
°smaller felt pieces for tail, for horns or flower,
°sewing thread,
°2 small beads for the eyes,

cutting the pieces

Cut following pieces out of the felt:
a=back (1x)
b=snout (2x)
c=tummy (1x)
d=tail (1x in the other colour)
and cut a flower or 2 horns depending on if you want a girl or a boy.

sewing the head

sewing the head

sewing the head

Start sewing ‘the snout’: I used the blanketstitch, but you can use a simple whipstitch as well. As long as your stitches are evenly spaced, it’s ok! Start at the bottom of the neck and stop at the *. Attach the thread securely.

front: head and body

front and back

Sew the neck of your sewed snout at the neck of the frontbody (c). Attach the thread securely. Now your front and back are ready to sew together.

sewing front and back together

Pin your front and back together, and start sewing from one ear to the other, all the way round, leaving the top of the head open.

cutting where needed

If your arms and legs of the front and back are not ‘similar’ cut (in fact, this should be correct from the beginning, but I always have problems cutting two same pieces..), your can correct this now by cutting tiny pieces where needed.

body is finished


Now your body is sewn together and you can start stuffing. Start with the leggs, then the arms, then the body and finally the head. Don’t forget to stuff the ears. I use a pair of tweezers for this job.

closing the head

Close the head: point * of your snout should be at point * of your back!

don't cut your thread


Don’t cut your thread! But enter your needle in the head and go out there were you want the eyes to be. Go back and forth in the head, through the beads for attaching the eyes. Still don’t cut your thread!


Enter your needle again in the body and go out in the back where you want the tail to be! Once your tail is sewed on, secure your thread and cut off.


boy and girl

Your little goat is finished! You can put a flower on the head if it’s a girl, or sew on little horns between the ears if it’s a boy!

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