– Sewing: wine wings

What you need: 2 pieces of matching fabric in two different
colours, and some thin batting.

How to make it:

PRINT the free pattern. Draw a rectangle of 5cmx 15cm for the collar.

1. Cut the pattern out of both fabrics (position the folding line of the
pattern over the folded fabric).


2. Pin the back and front fabric (right sides together) onto the


3. Sew at a distance of 6 mm from the edges all the way round, leaving an
opening (between the two pins) for turning the fabric inside out. Do the
same for the collar (= the rectangle of 5x15cm)


4. Trim at a distance of 3 mm from your sewed line and make little snips at
the positions indicated by arrows on the photo.


5. Turn inside out and close the opening of your wings (by hand).


6. Zigzag the open end of the collar.


7. Sew this zigzagged end of the collar on the back of your wings.


8. Final step: close the collar with a slip stitch.


9. Done! You now definitely deserve a glass of wine!


Een gedachte over “– Sewing: wine wings

  1. Judith zegt:

    Wat een enorm leuk patroon!
    Bedankt daarvoor ik zal het zeker maken. Ik geef graag een goede fles wijn, maar met vleugels krijgt het toch net een beetje extra’s


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