– Kitchen: Instant chocolate cake

For anyone who suddenly has a strong craving for chocolate cake, here’s a recipe for homemade chocolate cake – ready in 10 minutes!
By the way, I’m not responsible for any addictions…

Here’s what you need/Ingredients:
10 minutes time, 100 gr milk chocolate, 100 gr fondant (pure chocolate), 100 gr butter, 75 ml water, 3 eggs, 100 gr sugar, and 100 gr self-rising flour. Furthermore you also need 2 bowls, a silicone baking tray and certainly a scraper.

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  • Put the chocolate, the butter and the water in one bowl. Place it in the microwave and let it melt during 2 minutes at 600 W. Make sure you put away the rest of the chocolate that you didn’t need because your toddler might eat it all, and you don’t have time to argue. You want this to be a quick cake, right?
  • Meanwhile mix the eggs, the sugar and the flower in the other bowl.
  • When the chocolate-butter has melted, you mix everything together. At this point you need the scraper and the helping hand of a toddler to lick out the chocolate bowl.
  • Put your dough in the silicone baking tray and place it in the microwave. Let the cake bake at 750 W during 6 minutes.
  • Ready! Don’t be afraid of mice, there won’t be a crumb left for them. Beware of your children and your husband though, because they will eat it all and leave nothing for you…
  • 3 gedachtes over “– Kitchen: Instant chocolate cake

    1. Josette zegt:

      Hildje, dit is het beste nieuws in tijden. Wat een geweldig recept, ik heb het meteen uitgeprobeerd. Het lukte allemaal in 1 keer en ik ben een waardeloze kok.
      Heel veel dank voor het delen van dit recept met ons. Foto’s in mijn blog.
      groetjes, Josette


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